In Order to Promote the Transition to Renewable Energy

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 The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has initiated a number of legislative changes in the Law on Energy Saving and Renewable Energy, which will create conditions for consumers to generate electricity for their own needs. Let's inform the Ministry. Legislative amendments have already been approved by the Government and will be presented to the NA. According to the Ministry, such changes will become a popular event in the field of renewable energy for autonomous energy production.


According to RA Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Hayk Harutyunyan, it is proposed to reconsider the current operating limit of 150 kW for large consumers to provide their own needs with their own energy. As it is known, at present the physical and legal persons can install up to 150 kW solar autonomous plants producing electricity and the surplus to sell to "Electric Networks of Armenia".


According to Hayk Harutyunyan, this power is not sufficient for large consumers, so the law on "Energy" is to revise the 150 kW limit and bring it to 500 kW. This will create a legislative basis for electric power generators to implement their own autonomous power generation functions.


In the Law on Energy Saving and Renewable Energy, it is proposed to set the conditions for the regulation of the flow of exchange between an autonomous energy producer using renewable energy resources and a license for electricity. Accordingly, the calculation of compensation is changing. If the redemption is currently performed monthly, it will offer it an annual turnaround. By the end of the year, the distribution company will calculate its cash flows with the autonomous producer, and only after that, will pay for half the price for the unpaid electricity.


"This will allow consumers to put more capacity and to observe the solar stations as a means of organization. That is to say, to produce extra electricity in the summer, so to keep the net, to get back to the same price. The current law did not allow this opportunity because the calculation of the exchange rate was carried out on a monthly basis, "said Hayk Harutyunyan.

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