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PM Pashinyan considers incident in Panik village as provocation against Armenian-Russian friendly ties

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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan considers the incident in Panik village of Shirak province as impermissible and a provocation against the Armenian-Russian friendly ties and the Armenian leadership, reports Armenpress.

“I want to clearly record that this incident is impermissible, I consider it as a provocation against the Armenian-Russian friendly relations and the Armenian leadership. The guilty ones should be found out and held accountable. There is a problem to understand with what procedures this incident should be discussed. In any case, I know that the Police prepare materials and hope the further process will be effective”, PM Pashinyan said during today’s Cabinet meeting.

The 102nd Russian military base of Gyumri on July 17 has conducted military drills in Panik village without notifying the residents.

Villagers of Panik earlier reported hearing gunfire and explosions. Later they found out that the servicemen of the 102nd Russian military base of Gyumri were carrying out military exercises.

According to the local official of Panik, they weren’t notified about the exercises and that is why the villagers were alarmed. Villagers reportedly confronted the servicemen, which led to an altercation. The Panik residents contacted police and the national security service over the matter.

Later a military official of the Russian base apologized for carrying out the drills without prior notification.

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