After the Buildings Representing Historic-Cultural Value, Advertising Passports for Other Buildings are Also Compiled

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Patmamshakowt`ayin arzhek` nerkayats`nogh shenk`erits` heto kazmvowm en naew myows shenk`eri govazdayin andznagrere_27781

Back in August, the Yerevan City Administration has conducted administrative proceedings under the relevant procedure aimed at regulating the various types of advertisements on the buildings representing historical and cultural value. 


Accordingly, advertising passports were compiled, in which it was stated in detail how the ads should look like in order to avoid conflicting with the architectural form of those buildings. Currently, the dismantling of advertising signboards that do not meet the advertising passports of 60 historical-cultural buildings have already been completed. Moreover, the majority of these buildings are located on the Tigran Mets Avenue, from Republic Square to Khanjian Street. This was informed by the Information and Public Relations Department of Yerevan Municipality.


It is noteworthy that businessmen mainly dismantle advertising signboards that do not comply with advertising passports, and most of them have introduced new signboards corresponding to their advertising passports to obtain a new installation permit accordingly. Now, after the buildings representing historical and cultural value, advertising passports are also compiled for all other buildings.

Consequently, new business entities will be informed when buying or renting premises what the advertisement posted on that building should be.

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