New Border Tension on the Background of Geneva Meetings

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As reported by Artsakh Defense Army Information Center, on October 22, the Azeri side violated the ceasefire, used mortars and used anti-tank missile complex Spayk towards the Armenian positions. The defense army has also released the relevant video footage. It is also reported that the Armenian side abstained from the response.


The violations of the ceasefire, unfortunately, have become commonplace on the line of contact between Artsakh and Azerbaijan, and we receive similar messages many times. However, at least in the latest two months, it seemed to be relatively tranquil. First of all, because the use of mortars and other types of heavy weaponry had ceased.


It should be reminded that on October 16, just six days before the Geneva meeting, the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, US, Russia and France, met with the Presidents of the two countries, Sargsyan and Aliyev. Although before the meeting, the professional circles did not expect much from the meeting, but the main issue was the tension in the border and the ceasefire.


It should be noted that this meeting was the first in 2016. After the four-day war in April the co-chairs hoped they would rebuild the series of interrupted meetings between the presidents. However, the recent events on the border and the attempts to escalate tension in Azerbaijan prove that the latter not only does not intend to reduce the degree of tension, but also using mortars and "Spayk" missiles proves that it wants to exacerbate the situation on the Line of Contact.


After the meeting in Geneva, Foreign Ministers of the two countries and the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs issued a joint statement saying that "the presidents agreed to take measures to activate the negotiating process and take additional steps to reduce the tension on the contact line." In the end, the Co-Chairs expressed satisfaction that "they are satisfied with this direct dialogue that took place after a long break."


On October 22, the mortar on the line of contact once again proved that going to a dialogue with Azerbaijan is a waste of time, the latter does not want to maintain the same basic agreement, for example, to maintain stability, which seems to be in its best interests. It also repeats the regularity that with such meetings the Azerbaijani side starts new provocations, wanting to show that the conflict is not frozen, and that the border situation will keep them in constant tension.


This situation is normal for Azerbaijan, and it is conditioned by the authoritarian clan's authoritarianism and border tension and, moreover, by the continuous desire to use their own victims for political purposes.


Armen Manvelyan, Candidate of Historical Sciences

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