Armenia marks Constitution Day

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Segodnia den' Konstitutsii Armenii_74213

On July 5, Armenia marks Constitution Day. The draft of the country’s fundamental law was put to a referendum on that day in 1995.

The opposition of that time considered the results of this referendum falsified, but according to official data, the Constitution was adopted. It was the first Constitution of independent Armenia.

On November 27, 2005, another constitutional referendum was held in the country, and as a result, amendments were made to the Constitution. With these amendments, powers of the National Assembly were broadened.

The Constitution of Armenia has been amended in 2015 too. On December 6, a referendum on constitutional amendments was conducted, and pursuant to which, the country transitioned from a presidential to a parliamentary system of governance.

Also under these constitutional amendments, the National Assembly is formed solely by way of proportional election system.

Pursuant to the Law on Holidays and Remembrance Days, July 5 is observed as Constitution Day and is declared a public holiday in Armenia.

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