Serzh Sargsyan convened a National Security Council meeting

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Serzh Sargsyane hravirel e Azgayin anvtangowt`yan khorhrdi nist_35727

President of the Republic of Armenia, President of the National Security Council Serzh Sargsyan today convened a meeting of the National Security Council, discussing the central issues of the development of the military-industrial complex, as well as strengthening the legal and institutional framework for the fight against terrorism were discussed.


The first issue was reported to the members of the board by Deputy Defense Minister, Chairman of the State Military Industry Committee David Pakhchanyan and National Security Service Director Georgy Kutoyan and Chief of Police Vladimir Gasparyan reported on the events, issues and future steps undertaken by Armenia in the fight against terrorism.


NSC members have approved the proposed Development Program. Based on the results of the discussion, the government has given some recommendations.


Following the reports of the Director of the National Security Service and the Chief of the Police on the issues of strengthening the legal and institutional framework for the fight against terrorism, the National Security Council has approved the draft "Schedule of measures to ensure the implementation of the National Strategy on Combating Terrorism in the Republic of Armenia" and to instruct the Government that:


Regarding fighting terrorism, the President of the Republic, as the most potent means, has attached special importance to three directions: improvement of operative intelligence, including improvement of technical means, capacity building of counteraction units and expansion of international cooperation and exchange of advanced experience.

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