Syria’s Idlib continues to be controlled by terrorists

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The situation in Syria's North-West remains tense. The province called Idlib, controlled by terrorists, who have Turkey's sympathy and support, continues to be a hotbed of tension. As we know, on September 8 in Tehran, the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey made an attempt to reach an agreement on this issue, but the meeting ended in failure. Turkey was against the military solution to the problem, insisting that hundreds of thousands of refugees would cross its territory.

Officially, Ankara is for the peaceful settlement of the issue, which is also concerned with its national security: Turkey controls several Northwestern regions of Syria and is afraid of the pro-Kurdish forces, activating there. Ankara also finances terrorists in Idlib, hoping to keep that region under its control. That is to say, Russia and Iran that support Assad, have controversies with Turkey and are trying to solve the issue without taking into consideration even Damascus's opinion.

It seemed that Erdogan and Putin came to an agreement on the Idlib issue, and it would be possible to avoid a military conflict. However, the September 18 crash of the Russian IL-20 military aircraft, in which official Moscow blamed Israel, once again proved that the option of peaceful resolution of the Syrian problems is unlikely.

For official Damascus, the Occupation of Idlib by terrorist organizations is unacceptable, and, despite high level arrangements, the peaceful settlement of this issue is unlikely. Experts note that only a temporary interruption has been made, which the parties will use to launch a new military campaign.

It is worth reminding that Idlib borders Latakia, and it’s strategically important for Syria with its outlet to the Mediterranean Sea. In other words, the Syrian intermediterranean sector is in danger and the terrorists can attack at any moment, especially since Turkey's immediate and Israeli disguised support is involved.

Coming to an agreement in this issue will not succeed because Idlib also threatens Aleppo, and surviving under conditions of constant tension is very difficult for Damascus. Let's remind that Assad is currently controlling most of Syria’s territory, and Idlib is the only province under the control of terrorists and their sponsors. Tolerating this situation for a long time is not possible. In other words, new military actions are just a matter of time.  

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