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Minister of Diaspora received members of Tekeyan cultural union

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Sp`iwrhk`i Nakhararowt`iwne K'endowni T`ek`eean Mshakowt`ayin Miowt`ean Kedronakan Varch`owt`ean Patowirakowt`iwne_61858

On Friday, May 18, RA Minister of Diaspora Mkhitar Hayrapetyan received the chairperson of the Tekeyan Cultural Union Edmon Azatyan, the chairman of the Central Board Hakob Vardivaryan and the union member Gevorg Marashlyan.

Members of the delegation warmly congratulated the young minister on the wide range of programs of the Union both in Armenia and in the Diaspora.

Minister Hayrapetyan presented his ideas and vision of organizing the process of repatriation and steps aimed at preserving the Armenian identity. He expressed hope that the Tekeyan cultural union, as well as the Armenians from all over the world, will support the minister and his team in this important mission.

The meeting was held in an unusually warm and, at the same time, business atmosphere. The meeting also discussed issues related to the possible visit by the Minister of Diaspora to the United States.

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