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Diaspora offered practical proposals aimed at the development of military-industrial sphere: Artak Zakaryan

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Sp`yowrhk`its` hnch`el en gortsnakan arhajarkner, owghghvats rhazmardyownaberakan olorti zargats`mane. Artak Zak`aryan_22247

Being involved in the military industry of different countries around the world, many Diaspora Armenian professionals can invest their professional and scientific potential in the development of Armenia's military industry.


Armenpress reports that First Deputy Minister of Defense Artak Zakaryan said this at a briefing with journalists on September 19. According to him, Diaspora Armenians already have practical proposals aimed at the development of military-industrial sphere.


"The broad use of technology, especially high technologies, plays a major role in the military industry, while the Diaspora has its place in high-tech industries used for the military industry. Here it is necessary to provide the right program approach to the Diaspora and it is not just a financial investment or a business approach that can yield results, but professional involvement can be very useful, "Zakaryan said.

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