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Arakel, the First Armenian Bookseller in Istanbul

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The first book seller in Istanbul was Arakel Tozluyan, who founded a bookstore in the capital of the Ottoman Empire in 1875 and expanded his work.

In 1884, Tozluyan published the first book directory in Turkey entitled "Araqels Library", which was intended to facilitate the search for the publications needed for readers.

Turkish "Birgün" newspaper writes that all Istanbul bookstores originally belonged to local Armenians. They are the ones who have brought books into the city, shops, cultural establishments and cafes.

In the 1890s, Arakel's publishing house for the first time published books by Turkish writers Ahmet Rasim and Halit Ziya. Later, Arakel started publishing Turkish school textbooks. Tozluyan in 1891-1894 For the first time in Turkey, he has published collections of poems, pocket books, small size books.

Turkish researchers say that there is almost no biographical information about the Armenian publisher, only that Arakel Tozluyan was from Caesarea.

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