The World Council of the Tekeyan Cultural Union

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Tekeyan Cultural Association is a nationwide organization that operates in different countries of the diaspora and after the birth of the third Armenian republic, in the motherland as well.


Today, in the era of globalization, the distances undermine their divergent nature, paving the way for the rapprochement of individual circles. Consequently, physical coexistence is also a combination of activities.


From the aforementioned information, the TCA and sister organizations held a consultative meeting on Saturday, November 18, at the New York Center for TPM, and after a long consultation they decided to make the TCA World Council the role of the coordinating body between the TCA and the activities of the siblings.


It was decided to invite all the circles to a general gathering to take place in March 2018 in Yerevan in order to combine the activities of the Union's various countries. The united Movement initiative belongs to the Body of the Founders of the TCA of Lebanon and the Central Committee of the TCA of America and Canada, who has enthusiastically welcomed the majority of the Union's .


The World Council of the TCA is launching a new horizon for the Union's work, strengthening its ranks and providing more effective support to the nation and its homeland.


The slogan "Union is Power" has a new meaning today for our organization.



Leader Hakob Ghazarjian




Leader Yervant Azatian

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