The attack on the Turkish mosque fits into the logic of military operations in Afrin: Turkologist

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The attack on the Turkish mosque in Germany completely fits into the logic of the Turkish-German and Kurdish-Turkish contradictions: for nearly two years, not only the relations between these two countries have been strained, but also the relations between Turkey and the West in general. This was told in the conversation with "Hay Dzayn" by turkologist Mushegh Khudaverdyan, while commenting on the incident with the arson of the Turkish mosque in Berlin.

According to the Turkologist, the German authorities are concerned about the influence of the growing Turkish population in the country, and they are trying in every possible way to keep them under the authority of the local leadership. "In this context, the German authorities will do everything possible to ensure that the Turkish population of the country does not get out of control. However, one more observation can be made about the incident: the attack on the Turkish mosques in Germany was a provocation on the part of mostly pro-Western forces, which are trying to aggravate the Turkish-German relations",- Khudaverdyan stressed.

He also noted that the most likely side responsible for the incident is the Kurdistan Workers' Party. "Let us recall that in Germany attacks on the Turks and Turkish organizations were repeatedly organized, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party took responsibility for most of them. Therefore, it can be noted that the attack on the Turkish mosque also fits into the logic of military operations in Afrin”, - the Turkologist mentioned, adding that the Turkish side sent a note of protest to the German authorities, hinting that they are turning a blind eye to such phenomena. "And the Turkish side is trying to consider this in the context of tension between Turkey and the West".

Speaking about the further course of the Turkish-German relations and the impact of the abovementioned incident on them, Khudaverdyan noted that relations between the two countries are currently quite tense. "Not only relations between Turkey and Germany are strained, but also Turkey-EU relations, Turkey-US relations. Therefore, while relations between Turkey and the US are strained, relations between Turkey and Germany will remain the same", - concluded the Turkologist.

Interviewer: Gohar Makaryan

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