Turkey continues to maneuver between the US and Russia. Turkologist

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"The rumors that the EEC has become more active in the background when Turkey wanted to renew the agreement with the EU to get a more beneficial agreement," said Turkologist, Hayk Gabrielyan during the interview with the "Hay Dzayn". Turkey is not likely to join EEC because Turkey is already a member of the EU Customs Union.

According to Gabrielyan, this means that Turkey again resorts to its blackmail / bluff policy to show the EU that EEC is "an alternative". "Naturally, Turkey wants to deepen its economic ties with Russia, but its economic ties with the EU are of a much deeper nature. In particular, the EU accounts for 48.5% of Turkey's exports, 40% of imports, and 2/3 of the Turkish investments. 2016 Exports from Turkey to Turkey totaled $ 3.1 billion, while exports to the EU amounted to $ 68.3 billion. Turkey's imports from the EU amounted to $ 77.5 billion, and imports from EEC - $ 16.4 billion. This does not mean that Turkey will never go into a relationship with the EEC that will end its trade with the EU (regardless of its bluffing / blackmail policy, which also has its size), "said the Turkologist.

According to our interlocutor, Russia shows that it has a great deal of hope on many regards with Turkey. In various scenarios, Turkey, dissatisfied with the US position, has turned to Russia for help. But there are also the opposite cases when Russia did not meet Turkey and relied on US support. As an example, Gabrielyan mentioned cases when Russia did not pay tribute to Turkish plans to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and Turkey welcomed American missiles and air strikes against Assad's forces on every occasion or disadvantage and expressed willingness to join the ground-based military operation against Assad ( moreover, it also did during the Astana negotiations).

"Besides, we can say that Erdogans complaints about insufficient military presence in the Black Sea, underlining that the Black Sea has turned into a Russian lake. So Turkey continues to maneuver between the US and Russia. if he does not get any support from one of the parties, then he / she will address the other side on the same issue and on the contrary, "the Turkologist stressed and added that although it can be considered a flexible policy for Turkey, on the other hand it can lead to the latter will become an unreliable and unpredictable partner for both sides.

"The Russian-Turkish relations will continue to develop in the future, but Turkey will not hesitate to do so with its actions against Russia," Hayk Gabrielyan concluded.

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