Taron Margaryan met with Members of the Delegation from Arnaville, France

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Taron Margaryane handipel e Fransiayi Arhnowvil k`aghak`i patvirakowt`yan andamneri het_25894

Mayor Taron Margaryan had a meeting with members of the delegation headed by Deputy Mayor of Arnouville, France, who arrived in Yerevan to participate in "Erebuni-Yerevan 2799" festive events. Welcoming the guests and expressing gratitude for the invitation, Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan underlined that the strengthening of friendly relations between French sister and partner cities, development of bilateral projects and cooperation in different spheres are of great importance for Yerevan.


"Today Yerevan is cooperating with both the capital city of Paris and a number of French cities. In this context, good relationships have been established between Yerevan's Nubarashen administrative district and Arnaville city. Of course, our compatriots also have an important contribution to this cause and I am glad that representatives of the Armenian community of Arnaville are also included in the delegation, "said the mayor and assured that the guests will spend a great time in warm and hospitable Yerevan, participating in festive events."


Expressing gratitude for the invitation and warm reception, deputy mayor of Arnaville town Nectar Balyan, congratulated all the residents of Yerevan on the occasion of the Day of the Capital and noted that Yerevan, which has a history of about three millennia, is really a very warm and hospitable city.

"Mr. Mayor, I am very glad to be in the capital of all Armenians with centuries-old history, which is already 2799 years old. Indeed, there is a great potential for promoting partnership, and we, as well as the centuries-long friendship of the Armenian and French peoples, should give new impetus to our relations, and the potential of the Armenian community in that case, " said Nektar Balyan, adding that he was impressed by the festivities in Yerevan outfit and that is going to be present at all festive events, and not as a guest but as a full participant.

In the framework of the meeting, Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan invited the members of the delegation to Arnavut city to visit Yerevan again next year and become a participant of the 2800-year anniversary celebrations in Yerevan.

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