Today is International Book Giving Day

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February 14 is certainly known, first of all, as Valentine's Day. However, the number of people who know about another holiday celebrated on this very day, is growing year by year. Annually, starting from 2012, February 14 is celebrated as International Book Giving Day which unites all who give books to children and instills in them a love of reading.
The day of giving books a holiday that became international not only because of its global essence, but also because it originated from ordinary people, that is, the initiative belongs to one person - American Emmy Broadmoor - founder of the site of the children's book in the USA.

Emmy Broadmoor is mother of three children. It was the question by one of her sons: “Mom, why there is not such a day in the year when people give each other books”, that became the impetus for the birth of a new meaningful holiday.
Now, the ideological inspirers of promoting and popularizing the book and the holiday have achieved their goal: the book is still loved, and the holiday is of an international character.

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