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US protracted conflict course in Syria  - Mikhail Alexandrov_44795

The interlocutor of “Hay Dzayn” is the leading expert of the Center for Military and Political Studies of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Doctor of Political Science Mikhail Aleksandrov.

- In the media, information about the Turkish armed forces intention to surround the Syrian Afrin was spread. What can that mean for region? What consequences may these actions have?

- Strictly speaking, nothing new has happened. Turkey stated that it intends to take Afrin. It is not about the negotiations between the Kurds of the Syrian army about the Syrian army entering Afrin. It is about the Kurds that do not make concessions; they do not want to hand over heavy weapons, so there is no agreement on the Syrian troops entering Afrin. So, Erdogan decided to take advantage of this delay to surround Afrin. Thus, the Syrian troops will no longer be able to act, because Afrin will be surrounded, so, the Kurds have very little time to make a decision.

- What is the Russian position on what is happening in the region? What is the Russian-Turkish relations future like?

- Well, you must know Russia is very disappointed with the Kurds’ position who, in fact, turned into American puppets. They work according to the US plan, they have provided territory for the US special forces' bases deployment. The Kurds let terrorist units pass through their territory, the latter then attack the troops of the Syrian army. Recently the Kurds called for help and bombed the column of the Syrian army, and Russian servicemen were killed there. So now Russia will not feel sorry for the Kurds, let them get what they deserve.

- Is the division of Syria possible, as a result of the special operation and the situation in the region?

- The division of Syria is possible. From Russia's point of view, the areas controlled by Turkey are still better than those controlled by the United States, because we have certain agreements on “behavior rules” with Turkey, although the Turks do not always comply with these agreements. I recall that unmanned aerial vehicles, that attacked the Russian military base in Latakia, were launched from Idlib territory, also, a Russian SU-25 attack aircraft crash recently over Idlib territory. Therefore, Turkey does not have very good control over the militants, loated there, but at least some agreements are observed. At least, Turkey is trying to observe them. Of course, I would not trust the Turks very much in the long term, but, from the tactical point of view, they are now our allies. The Americans continue to cause us damages, and the Kurds are playing up to them. So, the division of Syria in this way is possible, at least between Russia and Turkey a certain zone of demarcation has already been established. This does not work with the Americans. If the Americans went to formal agreements, undertaking certain obligations regarding their subsequent actions, in particular, that they will not sponsor terrorist groups, but the Americans will never go for it. So I do not see the division of Syria between the US and Russia, the war in these regions will continue.

- How long will the war last?

- For a very long time because the Americans have headed for a protracted conflict, as it was in Afghanistan. The question is who and what kind of war will impose to another. They want to impose a war on us, as in Afghanistan, and we can impose a war on them, as in Vietnam. But currently, the Russian leadership is hesitating and showing indecision on this issue.

Interviewer - Gohar Isakhanyan

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