UNESCO: 264 Million Children and Teenagers do not Attend School

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According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 264 million school-age children and adolescents are not attending school. The document was published today, on October 24.


2010-2015 During the period, the elementary school was completed by 83% of the children, the average school - 69%, and the elders 45%.


Only 17 percent of the world's countries have only one year of pre-school education.


There are equal opportunities for boys and girls in elementary schools only in 66 percent of the countries, in 45 percent in middle school and 25 percent in senior schools.


On the average, governments allocate 4,7% of GDP for education, thus calculating in UNESCO. Thus, according to the  data, low-income countries do not meet an annual requirement of $ 39 billion (about 33 billion euros) to create equal access to quality education and training.

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