Wonderful Armenian: Gevorg Emin

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 The fact that I am not making bridges or canals, but I write books, I am grateful to one of the most brilliant writers I met at school, Yeghishe Charents. I am also thankful for my profession, the only true science can help creators develop his spiritual balance, avoiding the chatter and the occasional ten step where a step would have been enough. Overall, I own ten books, three sons and my little Armenia, which is rich in its aspirations, love all people in the world. '       

                                                                           Gevorg Emin


Famous poet Gevorg Emin, Karlen Muradyan was born on September 30, 1919 in Ashtarak village. Soon the Muradyan family moved to Yerevan, where the future writer attended a secondary school. After graduating from the school in 1940, he graduated from the Carl Marx Polytechnic Institute in the Hydraulic Engineering Department where he met Charents and got acquainted with his profession. After graduating, he went to work at Matenadaran and Vardenis.

  In 1942-1944 Gevogg Emin served in the Soviet Army and participated in the Great Patriotic War. In 1949-1950 he continued his education at the Armenian Writers' Studio attached to the Moscow Literary Institute.

Work activities were varied and various. In 1951-1954, he worked in the "Literaturnaya Gazeta" newspaper. In 1954-1956 he got enrolled in literary higher education at the USSR Writers' Union. After completing his classes and taking a break, Emin returned to the newspaper in 1968 and worked as editor of the "Literaturnaya Armenia" magazine. Since 1973, Gevorg Emin has worked as a senior researcher at the ASSR Institute of Arts. 

The first collection of Gevorg Emin is called "Nakhashavigh", which is mainly based on the motives of life and love. Next, it was a civilian "Peaceful Crest", and works were translated and published in separate books in Russian, Polish, Georgian, Korean, Uzbek, Belarussian, Azerbaijani, English, Bulgarian, Arabic, Czech, Hungarian, Lithuanian and in other languages. Hayfilm studio has screened the film "Seven songs about Armenia", scored by Gevorg Emin, who won the prizes of the Prometheus-69, the main prize of the Transcaucasian and Ukrainian Film Festival in Yerevan and the Leningrad Union Prize. G. Emin translated the Armenian into foreign languages, the best of which was found in the book The Book of Translators, in 1984.

 He was awarded a number of awards, in particular in 1951 he was awarded the USSR State Prize, and in 1979 he won the USSR State Prize (Century, Land, Love) in 1976 with the Prize of Yeghishe Charents.

  The famous writer Gevorg Emin died in 1998. on June 11 in Yerevan and buried in the yard of Karmravor church in Ashtarak.



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