Azerbaijani provocation against Iran

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On November 5, new US sanctions against Iran entered into force. On the same day, employees of the State Security Service in the city of Ganja “neutralized two terrorists”.

According to the official information, the secret service officers, who conducted the operational investigation, pursued the car in which there were Famil Alekperov and Rustam Rzayev, who did not obey the demands of the secret service officers, opening fire on them.

As a result of the response actions, Alekperov and Rzayev were killed. A Kalashnikov assault rifle, an F-1 grenade and two electric capsules were found in their car.

It would seem that what happened is a common occurrence for a country like Azerbaijan. Especially if one considers that in the summer months the situation in Ganja was extremely tense, mass protests took place, which were suppressed by the authorities, numerous detentions were carried out.

However, regarding the incident of November 5, the following information was distributed in the media: “How should Azerbaijan behave in relation to Iran if Iranian authorities openly instigate a terrorist war on the territory of our country” /

Hot on the heels of what happened in Ganja, voicing such an open accusation against a neighboring country means only one thing: the secret services of Azerbaijan are trying to create an information background in order to represent Iran, as stated by the American authorities, as the main sponsor and financier of terrorism in the region.

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