Azerbaijan purchased Lektor portable fire control system from Belarus

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Azerbaijan purchased Lector portable fire control system from Belarus, reports with reference to the AzeriDefence Azeri military website.

"Adopted (by the Azerbaijani army - IF) new complex was used during (large-scale - IF) exercises of the Azerbaijani army, held in March of this year", - the newspaper notes.

The complex has three levels of management. They can be used by a battery commander, a senior battery officer, and a crew commander.

The complex includes a tablet computer, a pocket computer, radio stations, a reconnaissance device and an automatic weather station. These devices in different sets represent three levels of control.

With the help of the complex, one can collect and store data, solve design and information tasks. All components of the complex, except the weather station, are developed in Belarus.

"Lector" was first demonstrated at the IDEX-2019 exhibition in February of this year in Abu Dhabi. According to the manufacturer, the tests of the complex are completed.

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