Shame of Azerbaijan

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On the eve, the League of Nations held a football match between the teams of Kosovo and Azerbaijan, which ended with the defeat of Azerbaijan with a score of 4:0.

In the world of sports, no one, no national team is immune from defeat, but this is a special case. The fact is that Azerbaijan does not officially recognize the independence of Kosovo, considering it an integral part of Serbia.

In that case, why did the Azerbaijani national football team take part in this game? There is one explanation: if the Azerbaijani footballers refused to meet with the Kosovo team, they would be awarded a technical defeat, and Azerbaijan would be eliminated from further struggle. And in Baku, the desire to take first place in the group was very strong. It would be a serious bid to participate in the upcoming European Football Championship.

It is known that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev is the “godfather” of the national team, for the creation and formation of which huge funds were spent. The team mainly consists of foreign players who have received Azerbaijani citizenship. Since the state propaganda of Azerbaijan is trying to present “epochal” successes in all spheres, the desire to win in the meeting with the Kosovo national team, the means and efforts made to achieve this are tremendous.

It is enough to note that the Azerbaijani side rented a high-class plane belonging to a Bulgarian company to deliver its team from Baku to Pristina. The result, as we see, is almost tragic. Azerbaijan lost the last opportunity to take part in the European Championship. A very serious political blow followed: before the start of the match, Kosovo fans booed the anthem of Azerbaijan. “I myself am from Switzerland. I am out of politics. Of course, booing the anthem is not good. Our fans may have shown too much enthusiasm today”, - said the head coach of the Kosovo national team, Bernard Schalland, who commented on the incident. //

The main coach of the national team of Azerbaijan, Gurban Gubanov, called the psychological preparation of the team of Kosovo the main reason for the defeat. Whatever the comments, the result is obvious. Azerbaijan had the opportunity to save its face through technical defeat. In this case, at least it would be possible to talk about the priority of respecting political solidarity with Serbia.

Now this opportunity has been lost.

And another question, what explanations after this step will be presented by the official Baku to the Serbian side. Indeed, at virtually all international sites, Azerbaijan declares that for it the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states are inviolable values. By participating in a football match with a team of Kosovo, Azerbaijan demonstrated a diametrically opposite attitude.

At the same time, we are talking about a country that uses all its opportunities in the international arena to limit contacts with Artsakh. Including in the field of sports.

It is noteworthy that after meeting with the Kosovo national team, Azerbaijan will continue to pursue the same denying policy with regard to international performances of Artsakh sportsmen or sports events organized in Artsakh.

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