New Year table: pork roll with dried apricots

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pork loin (fillet) 500-600 g,
8-10 fresh apricots. (dried apricots 10-12 pieces),
fine gelatin 20g,
ground black pepper.

For broth:

carrots 1 pc.,
onion 1 pc.,
parsley root (celery) 1 pc.,


The loin is released from the skin, then cut open like a “book”, beat to the thickness of 0.5 cm through food wrap, salt, peel, sprinkle with gelatin. Fresh apricots stones are removed (dried apricots washed). Apricot halves are spread on one edge of the meat, then the meat is rolled into a roll, tied with string, cook until ready in a small amount of broth or water with roots. Let the finished roll to cool under pressure.

Before serving, the split roll is removed from the cooled roll and cut. Serve with fresh vegetables or pickled fruit.

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