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New Year holidays are left behind. Last week was mainly filled with a festive mood and, thank God, no serious event affected these sentiments. Most importantly, these days was peaceful on the borderline and in Artsakh.

Perhaps the only thing that caused concern is a crime that occurred on New Year's Eve in the city of Karaganda in Kazakhstan, when the two groups under the influence of alcohol decided to settle scores with each other. As a result, a 23-year-old Kazakhstani was killed, and many immediately rushed to link this crime with the Armenians, which was actively used and encouraged by Azerbaijani propaganda. The goal is to provoke anti-Armenian sentiment in the largest state in Central Asia.

Praise and honor to the Kazakh authorities, who immediately excluded the interethnic nature of the incident, urging the population to keep calm. In the opposite case, it is difficult to even imagine what developments could take place in this country with a huge Armenian diaspora.

Now about the most important thing. Our sworn enemies once again did not spare the strength and energy to use the information field for anti-Armenian propaganda.

Worst of all, numerous Armenian users, who spread unverified and provocative information to the networks and are not at all concerned about our compatriots living in Central Asia, contributed to this and continue to contribute to this. It came to the point that Armenians living in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, openly asked the network not to exacerbate the situation.

Let's go back to Armenia. In recent months, a campaign against structures under “Russian patronage” - the CSTO and the EEU was organized by certain political forces and the media; the old-timers of these structures, Lukashenko and Nazarbayev, were mercilessly criticized by organizers. By the way, the latter, who for many years headed Kazakhstan, thanks to his prudent policy, keeps his country from inter-ethnic upheavals and the invasion of IS agents.

I will continue my thought. On the other hand, more and more often there are demands for the withdrawal of the Russian military base from Gyumri, which is presented as evil for our state. The extensive politically short-sighted sector of our society is actively involved in all this, as well as, I repeat, the “omnipotent” Internet. Fortunately, so far the matter has not reached certain protests, which, to my great regret, are not far off.

Let's be frank. All this fully fits into the logic of the anti-Russian actions unleashed many years ago and continuing to this day by a certain segment of our society. This segment dreams of creating latent foci of interethnic clashes along the Russian borders, especially since such a successful experience already exists from Soviet times - this is Sumgayit, Baku, Fergana, Osh, Abkhazia, North Ossetia.

On the other hand, it is necessary to understand one simple truth - Russia, at least the current leadership of this country, is well aware of its interests in the Caucasus and Central Asia and will do everything possible to protect these interests. In this game, our "friendly" neighbors will try by any means to get their own dividends, not sparing, at the same time, efforts to turn millions of people against Armenia and Armenians by resorting to the dirtiest provocations.

We must understand, predict and eliminate all possible dangers that may threaten our state and our compatriots living abroad, realize our real potential and interests, and not promote provocations that threaten our national security. In particular, its measured behavior on the Internet. Let not completely open the brackets.

Whatever it was, 2019 fully entered into its rights. Let us hope that in the new year God will be more supportive of our state and people, giving, first of all, a peaceful and cloudless sky to every Armenian, wherever he lives.

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