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Catholicos of All Armenians received pilgrims of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America

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His Holiness Garegin II, the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, met with 36 pilgrims from the oldest communities of the Eastern Armenian Diocese of the State of Minnesota, who arrived in their homeland for a two-week visit under the leadership of the pastor of St. Sahak and Priest Tadeos Barseghyan.

As reported in the press service of the Mother See, in his welcoming speech, priest Tadeos said that most of the pilgrims are in Armenia for the first time and expressed joy that the visit begins with the blessing of the Armenian Patriarch. The Holy Father introduced His Holiness to the achievement of community life, adding that the community is increasing from year to year, and the number of pupils in Armenian daily and Sunday schools is also increasing.

Blessing the Armenians living in America, the Catholicos of All Armenians noted the importance of organizing pilgrimages to their homeland, which restores the national, spiritual consciousness of the Armenians, introducing them to their own identity, the heroic past of the Armenian people. His Holiness noted that thanks to the Christian faith and patriotism, every Armenian living in the Diaspora continues to educate the younger generation in the spirit of national values, while maintaining an active Armenian community.

The Armenian Patriarch also touched upon the idea of ​​Holy Etchmiadzin, noting that Echmiadzin is in the hearts and prayers of all Armenians, and in the most difficult moments of history, Christian faith and hope helped Armenians scattered throughout the world to confront the challenges facing the nation and the Church.

His Holiness talked about the difficulties and problems that exist in the life of the motherland and the diaspora, and ways to overcome them. In this regard, the Primate of the Armenian Diocese in the person of Ter-Tadeos praised the ministers of the Armenian dioceses of the diaspora for carrying out their spiritual mission with diligence and devotion and the preservation of national values.

After the meeting, the pilgrims took part in the holy liturgy.

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