Discovering Armenia: the legend of Lake Sevan

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Lake Sevan - the “Blue Pearl” of Armenia, is the largest lake in the Caucasus and one of the largest mountain freshwater lakes in the world. Its area is 1,400 square kilometers, it is located at an altitude of 1900 m above sea level. 28 large and small rivers flow into Sevan, but only one flows out - the river Hrazdan. The lake has a volcanic formation and is surrounded by mountain ranges, reaching up to 3000 m above sea level. Beautiful nature and crystal clear water create wonderful conditions for your rest.

The colors of the rainbow shine its waters, fanned by many legends and stories.

Once upon a time there were fertile arable land and lush gardens, which were irrigated from the water spring. It was small, but strong, and the hole from which it flowed had to be locked with a huge stone. But once there was a misfortune: one frivolous beauty, always "hovering in the clouds", took a jug of water, and forgot to close the hole of the spring. She returned home and went to bed. And the water, all night, gushing a powerful stream and flooded the neighborhood. People ran out of the houses - and the water approached the threshold. They climbed the trees - and the water rose higher and higher. The girl slept and did not suspect anything.

Then one of the old men shouted: "Let the one who did it turn into a stone!" And the water all came and came. Until the lake and the stone island were formed, which still towers above the azure surface of Sevan, like the head of that very girl ...

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