Plank of September 2

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On August 19, 1991 in Moscow, an attempt was made to coup. It was announced that President Mikhail Gorbachev was not able to exercise his powers “because of illness,” and that a new government body was being created - the State Committee for Emergency Situations or, as it is usually called, the State Emergency Committee, headed by Vice President Yanaev.

Armenian statesman and diplomat Oleg Yesayan recalls that after receiving this information in Stepanakert, the Artsakh authorities decided not to express any official position on this issue for three days.

Three days later, the Emergency Committee was outlawed. Its leadership was arrested because Moscow did not recognize military power. A huge role in this was played by Russian President Boris Yeltsin. He went out into the street and led a nationwide protest. 28 years after these events, the Azerbaijani media wrote that Yeltsin was supported by a senior KGB officer, Valery Badamyants, as well as Parat Grachev, commander of the landing forces.

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