Artsakh is part of ancient Armenia: Ukrainian journalist on his journey

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Rodion Kochubey, Director of the University Book Publishing House in Ukraine, inspired by the stories of an Armenian friend, came to Armenia and visited Artsakh.

Talking about his June trip, Kochubey noted that in ten days he drove through “the most delicious places in Armenia in every sense of the word”.

Then Rodion Kochubey together with his friend visited Artsakh. He stressed that "the republic has great value for the Armenians, after all, Artsakh is a part of ancient Armenia”.

“In Artsakh we visited the mountain monastery of Dadivank, Stepanakert and Shushi. In Shushi, there is a restaurant right in the fortress, where they cook delicious matsun with greens and cucumber - actually similar to Russian okroshka. Traditional Karabakh bread - lavash is excellent for it, ”the Ukrainian guest added to the details of the trip to Artsakh.

After Artsakh, Kochubey visited the cave city Khndzoresk with a suspension bridge in southern Armenia, an ancient Armenian monastery in Tatev, where the longest cable way in the world is located, tasted wines in the village of Areni.

Kochubey spent the last days of his trip in Yerevan, from where biblical Ararat Mountain is visible.

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