State Minister of Artsakh Republic visited Kashatagh region (photos)

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Recently, the governmental delegation headed by the State Minister of the Artsakh Republic Grigory Martirosyan paid a working visit to the urban and rural communities of the southern part of the Kashatagh region.

The delegation included the Ministers of Agriculture, Urban Development, Economy and Industrial Infrastructure, the Rural and Agricultural Support and Artsakh Investment Fund Directors.

The government delegation was accompanied by the head of the Kashatagh regional administration, Stepan Sardsyan. The first meeting took place in Vorotan city community.

During the tour, Martirosyan got acquainted with the preparations for the construction of the building of the City Hall, the place chosen for the future stadium.

Vorotan is one of the first settlements in the Kashatagh region, which was resettled but received the status of a municipal community in June 2013, on the basis of the military base in this location. The main part of the population is military families. They are also engaged in agriculture, cattle-breeding.

The community has many problems, such as the city does not have a kindergarten, aid station, conference hall, drinking water supply. Commander of the military unit Colonel Garegin Poghosyan also spoke about these issues.

There is also a problem of electricity supply in the region, there are frequent voltage fluctuations, power disconnections, and more. There were clarifications on all the issues raised, answers to which were given. Martirosyan informed that with the budget of this year they intend to start the construction of Vorotan kindergarten.

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