Some essential points voiced by the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Artsakh

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Some essential points voiced by the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Artskh:

  • The Diaspora should consider itself a full beneficiary of Armenia's affairs. The economic and political successes in Armenia and Artsakh will also strengthen the Diaspora.
  • Being Armenian should be interesting, being Armenian should be attractive, and being Armenian should be promising. And this interest and energy should spread to all our compatriots who have left the Armenian identity, starting with the Armenians who emigrated to the Diaspora and ending with those compatriots who are commonly called disguised Armenians.
  • Many say that capital and investment do not have a homeland, but again and again I will allow myself to disagree with such a statement, because Armenians have a homeland, and that homeland is Armenia, and that homeland is Artsakh. The next manifestation of pan-Armenism should be the focus of all Armenian potential on the achievement of Armenia's strategic development goals.
  • The key objective of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs within the government structure is not only to remove the boundaries between the old and the new diaspora, but also the borders between Armenia and the Diaspora.
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