Armenian dram among most stable currencies of CIS

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Over the past week (from July 18 to July 25), most of the former USSR countries' currencies fell against the US dollar.

Six currencies turned out to be negative to the American dollar, only four managed to get a plus against it.

“Armenian dram (+ 0.09%), Ukrainian hryvnia (+ 1.36%), Moldovan leu (+ 0.68%) and Belarusian ruble (+ 0.29%) strengthened against the dollar”, - Vesti. Ekonomika reports.

Today 1 USD is 475.94 AMD.

It is also noted that the maximum decrease for the week was demonstrated by the Georgian lari (-1.11%), followed by the Uzbek sum (-0.46%), the Russian ruble (-0.27%), the Kyrgyz som (-0.13% ), Kazakhstan tenge (-0.06%) and Tajik somoni (-0.001%).


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