ADL Armavir youth club to organize an unforgettable New Year event

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The regular meeting, during which pre-holiday events were discussed, was held on November 28 in the Armavir youth club of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL).

The guest of the meeting was David Sahakyan, member of the ADL Armavir board, who currently serves in the Armenian armed forces.

At the event, a plan was discussed for holding New Year's celebrations, as well as a competition called “New Year's Tale of Armavir”, the application for which was developed and is already distributed as an advertisement not only in social networks, but also in various educational institutions. The competition will bring revival to the cultural life of the city of Armavir and increase interest in the activities of the club.

Applications for the competition will be accepted from November 23 to December 14.

The implementation of the “Bright Armavir” program was also discussed, which will be implemented with the cooperation of the Armavir ADL Club and the city mayor’s office. The program will be implemented from 10 to 20 December.

During the meeting, the plan for further actions of the club was clarified, and those responsible for the implementation of the program were appointed. We will not have to wait long for the results of the programs.

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