Sarkissian urges not to be indifferent towards fate of Muradian College of Mekhitarist Congregation

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President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian, who is in France on a working visit, met with Papal Legate for the Mekhitarist Congregation of Venice, His Eminence Archbishop Levon Zekiyan, the Presidential Office told Armenpress.

The meeting participants discussed the activity of the Mekhitarist Congregation, today’s difficulties and problems, in particular regarding the future of the Muradian College and the cultural center.

After the meeting the Armenian President and Archbishop Levon Zekiyan visited the Samuel Muradian College of the Mekhitarist Congregation and the cultural center in Sevres. The building of the College, which is one of the most symbolic structures of the Diaspora’s history, is Mekhitarians’ ownership. The College was founded in 1834 by the order of King Louis Philippe, operates in the current building since 1928 and educated numerous generations of Armenian youth. In recent years the College faces many difficulties. The Mekhitarist Congregation doesn’t have enough funds to renovate the building. But at the same time attempt is made to find right solutions given that the College is a national wealth.

President Sarkissian toured the College and the cultural center, got acquainted with the conditions. “Today I have a chance to be in the heart of one of the values of our people”, he said. “I want to apply to all our compatriots, when you visit France, there is a beautiful place in Paris, this teaching center which has served the Armenian people for over 200 years and continues to serve. “It’s an honor for every Armenian to visit here to get acquainted with his/her own history, its roots and values”, the President added and once again thanked the Mekhitarist Congregation for keeping this great value for the Armenian people.

In his turn Archbishop Levon Zekiyan called historic the Armenian President’s visit to the College. “It was a great happiness to meet with the President and host him at the College. Not every day the President of Armenia visits the College. Mr. President is wise and famous person, and I consider his presidency as a gift from God for our homeland and the Armenian land”, he said.

The Archbishop informed that the renovation process has launched in all structures belonging to Mekhitarians.

Director of the Samuel Muradian College and Cultural Center Harutyun Pztikyan said the College has a rich history and is one of the educational cradles of the Mekhitarist Congregation. “It is the home of Armenians, a small part of Armenia which is rich of historical and cultural values”, he said.

Commenting on the current situation over the building, the Armenian President noted: “Today we reached a point when we need to make decisions. Abbot Mkhitar was not only a spiritual leader, but also a philosopher. He was a wonderful businessman. It was his vision that the Mekhitarist Congregation was created which had a huge wealth and has across the world. It’s time for us, the Armenians, to come and stand together with the Congregation to keep and protect this cultural, educational and material wealth. One of the goals of my visit is this, to show that we are not indifferent. We are not indifferent as an Armenian, a citizen of Armenia, and in my case as the President of Armenia. I am happy that during our talk His Eminence also was convinced that Armenia not only is not indifferent, but also is ready to support to find right solutions which will assist the Congregation”.

The President said starting from today all Armenians should try to bring their contribution to restore the structure.

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