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Armenia is a paradise between Europe and Asia: Etheria Magazine

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Spanish women magazine “Etheria Magazine” published an article “Armenia: Ten places in the Garden of Eden” about sights and recreation in Armenia on its website.

The article by travel photographers Juan Calros Munies and Mar Ramirez presents the main attractions of the republic: natural reserves and historical and cultural monuments.

“If you are looking for paradise, then you should go to Armenia. The paths will lead you to an imaginary land between Europe and Asia, where, it is said, the Divine Garden of Eden existed. It is here that you can see the origins of one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, ”the article says.

The top 10 "unearthly" places in Armenia include the ruins of the Zvartnots temple, the ancient temple in Garni, the Geghard and Khor Virap monasteries, the Republic Square and the Cascade complex in Yerevan and other places, on each of which the travelers provided a brief description.

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