Politician with national, state thinking, ready to serve the Motherland: today is Vartan Nazerian’s birthday

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Today, the chairperson of the Supreme Council of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL), the co-founder of HAY DZAYN news website, VARTAN NAZERIAN, is turning 60 years old.

Birthday is an excellent reason to reassess the path passed by the patriot politician Vartan Nazerian, his merits in the prosperity of the Motherland.

Exceptional are the people who are pushed into the political arena only by sincere love for the people and homeland, and it is thanks to them that the country maintains its stability and prosperity. Vartan Nazerian is such a person, who in 1976 became a member of the ADL solely on the basis of honest motives for serving the Motherland.

Nazerian's goal is the prosperity of Armenia and Artsakh. On one of the occasions, he said: “My personal goal is to connect the Artsakh people with their native land so that they never leave their homeland. Our homeland is still at war, and the Diaspora should support Artsakh”.

Dear Vartan Nazerian! We wish you health, simple human happiness, inexhaustible creative energy, strength and fruitful work for the benefit of our national aspirations and goals.

Employees of HAY DZAYN.

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