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Opening of the international Armenian studies conference “Eastern Armenia: History and Culture”

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On 26 August Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan was present at a solemn openingceremony of the international Armenian studies conference "Eastern Armenia: History and Culture" held at the Matenadaran-Gandzasar Scientific Cultural Center.

In his welcoming remarks the President emphasized the scientific and practical value of the conference, noting that such events enable provide a more substantive and objective overview of the chapters of our history, identify the causality of diverse developments and bring it to the attention of the international community. 

"It is even more important now, when there are countries and circles, which apply a politicized approach towards historical facts, seeking to offer distorted narrative of history and present it in the light of vested interests. The best way to respond to all these endeavors is to hold such events, within this very format and with this very agenda", Bako Sahakyan underlined in his remarks.

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