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Artsakh’s president Bako Sahakyan, ex-president Arkadi Ghukasyan present personal guarantees in court for Kocharyan’s release

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President of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan and ex-President Arkadi Ghukasyan arrived in the Yerevan court where former President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan is on trial.

They reaffirmed their personal guarantees presented for Kocharyan’s release.

The guarantee letter reads: “Taking into account the contribution of First President of Artsakh and Second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan to the development of the two Armenian republics, his great investment in the Artsakh war and the Armenian army-building, we guarantee that in case of stopping Robert Kocharyan’s detention, the latter will demonstrate a proper behavior, will not hinder the investigation of the case, will not avoid appearing to the body conducting the criminal proceedings and will not take an action that is unauthorized by the Criminal Code. We guarantee his appearance in court during the whole trial and implementation of judicial duties, therefore we ask to replace the current detention with a precautionary measure not linked with detention”.

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