Today is Armenian outstanding playwright Gabriel Sundukyan’s birthday

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Today is Armenian outstanding writer and playwright Gabriel Sundukyan’s birthday, who is considered one of the founders of critical realism in Armenian literature.

Gabriel Sundukyan was born on July 11, 1825 in Tiflis. In 1846-1850, he studied at the oriental branch of the History and Philology Faculty of St. Petersburg University. He graduated with a degree of candidate of Oriental languages ​​and in 1850, was appointed to the post of translator to the office of the Tsar’s governor in the Caucasus.

For his progressive views, he was soon dismissed from service and exiled to the city of Derbent.

In 1858, Sundukyan returned to Tiflis and devoted himself to dramaturgy, the development of the national Armenian theater. In 1863 he wrote the first play, the merry vaudeville "Sneezing at Night's Good Luck".

He was followed by a number of witty, vividly written plays, to this day enjoying great success.

In 1870, Gabriel Sundukyan published a comedy (as the author called it) - in fact a social drama "Pepo". This work put Sundukyan in the ranks of the greatest masters of drama.

The author himself translated the play into Georgian, it was first put in Kutaisi, and then in Tiflis.

Sundukyan often acted as the producer of his plays. He was one of the active builders of the new Armenian theater in the 1860s. In 1879-82, he was a member of the leaders of the Armenian Theater in Tiflis.

Gabriel Sundukyan died on March 29, 1912 in Tiflis.

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