Failed initiative from Artsakh

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It is not a secret for anyone that for many years on the eve of April 24, all Armenians are looking forward to the fact that another US president will finally utter the word “genocide”. Unfortunately, every year we experience just another disappointment. We are again and again given to understand that Her Majesty Great Politics does not care about such terms as “justice” and “conscience”, and that she is guided only by pragmatism.

Over the past 15–20 years, I have about the same feelings on the eve of May 9, hoping to see in the events, dedicated to our glorious May victories in Stepanakert and Shushi, all the presidents of the two Armenian states who participated in achieving the victories. Alas…

Today, the legal system of the Republic of Armenia may have had a historic chance to try to unite society and the nation. However, RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan rejected the joint request of the former and current Presidents of the Artsakh Republic to change the preventive measure against the second President of the Republic of Armenia Robert Kocharyan for him to participate in the events planned in Artsakh.

Yes, probably, the arguments of the Prosecutor General are flawless from the legal point of view, since “... this criminal case is currently in the General Court of Yerevan City, the RA Prosecutor General’s Office is not the body conducting the criminal case, therefore, the presidents’ application, addressed to the Prosecutor General of Armenia at this stage is beyond the scope of the powers of the prosecutor’s office".

However, it is obvious that in the event of goodwill, the first serious step would be taken towards the restoration of national unity on the part of the leadership of the Republic of Armenia. Unity that was undermined as early as October 27, 1999, and which, frankly speaking, today faces even greater problems and trials.

My respects to Bako Sahakyan and Arkady Ghukasyan and their political team. With this initiative, and with its impartial and restrained approach to the turbulent events of last year, Artsakh once again proved to everyone that in crucial times it consolidates and is guided solely by national rather than narrow personal interests.

Happy May holidays to you!

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