CNN included Yerevan in Top 20 most beautiful European cities with small number of tourists

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The American television channel CNN included Yerevan in the rating of the 20 most beautiful European cities with a small number of tourists.

It is noted that the geographical location of Armenia contributes to the fact that tourists easily forget about it. But in the capital, you can feel the breath of 2800-year history.

The compilers of the rating write that the city center is a mix of elegant buildings and sluggish buildings of the Soviet era. It is also reported that tourists can visit the Apostolic Church and learn about the history of the city in the historical and archaeological museum of "Erebuni".

The list also includes Minsk, Sarajevo, Antwerp, Pristina, Debrecen, Ankara, Bern, The Hague, Malmo, Tbilisi and other cities.

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