Today the decision on the request to cancel the arrest of Robert Kocharian will be announced

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Today, on September 17, at 13:00, the court of general jurisdiction of the city of Yerevan (Shengavit residence), chaired by Judge Anna Danibekyan, will announce the decision on the petition of the lawyers of the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan.

Recall that on September 7, the advocacy group of Robert Kocharyan petitioned for the cancellation of the arrest as a preventive measure and the end of the criminal prosecution against the ex-president. A few months ago, Kocharian’s lawyers also submitted a request for the application of the pledge, which has still not been considered.

Supporters of the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, his associates, as well as opponents gathered at the court of general jurisdiction of the city of Yerevan (Shengavit residence). 

Kocharyan’s supporters demand that the court immediately execute the decision of the Constitutional Court and release the second president of Armenia. Participants in another rally, in turn, believe that Kocharyan should not be free.

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