Deng Xiaoping's cat and flies flying into window

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"It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice".

Deng Xiaoping

The author of these ingenious quote, Deng Xiaoping, is the godfather of the Chinese miracle and the reform architect, who for almost half a century held leading positions in the political and economic life of China, but was never the first person of this state. Today, on August 22, his 115th anniversary is celebrated. 

This little man, whose height was only 152 cm, being a devoted communist, alone denied the myth of the harmfulness and bourgeoisie of the Convergence theory of gradually blurring the lines between socialism and capitalism, which the Communists considered it to be.

Thanks to Deng, in China, this theory has been successfully implemented for more than 40 years in the form of reforms and open politics, introducing itself to the world as socialism with “Chinese specific characteristics”.

Deng Xiaoping took up big politics in the middle of the last century, when it became apparent that Mao Zedong’s “big leap” plan had failed. In a country like China, which has vast resources, about 30 million people died of starvation in a few years then.

Having accepted the coordination of domestic politics, Dan abolished the communes and returned the land to the villagers. On the other hand, he stimulated the development of large-scale industry, paying great attention to the introduction of new technologies. Thanks to such a flexible policy, large foreign investors were attracted to China, which gave a powerful impetus to the country's economy.

At the same time, Deng did not shake the ideological foundations of the state and did not allow serious upheavals in China. Of course, there were such attempts directed from outside, since Her Majesty big politics did not need developing and growing China (recall the student unrest on this occasion and the tragic events in Tiananmen Square), but the Chinese “echelon” had already begun to gain such a span that it was simply impossible to stop, so that Deng could afford to say: “China’s geostrategy must simultaneously pursue two goals: first, to resist US hegemony and its power politics and protect the world; the second is to create a new international political and economic order”.

How much did he succeed in achieving these goals? Judge for yourself.

Summing up, I’ll introduce you to a little but more of quotes by Deng Xiaoping:

  •  Improving the appearance of the city, we must not forget about the base - the village. About 80% of the population of China lives in villages. The tranquility of Chinese society, the development of the economy, primarily depends on the development of rural areas, the well-being of the peasants.
  •  Do more and talk less.
  •  If you open the window into the world too wide, flies will certainly fly into the window.


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