Drone in the sky over Luxembourg that scared Azerbaijanis

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For several days now, the action of the Armenian fan group FAF (First Armenian Front) has been quite actively discussed in the network during the football match of the Europa League group stage “Dudelange” - “Qarabag” in Luxembourg, when the flag of the Republic of Artsakh was deployed directly over the field using a drone.

Only later it became known that the action was carried out by representatives of the Armenian community from neighboring Belgium.

What can I say? Of course, praise and honor to our youth, people who have put themselves at rather serious risk. Each Armenian at such moments experiences pride in his people. Such a demonstration of Armenian unity is especially important right now, when attempts are made by certain people to cast doubt on it.

However, let us try to look at this issue from a slightly different point of view. It was obvious that such an action could not go unanswered by UEFA and, especially, from our “sworn” neighbors. And so it happened, the Football Federation of a neighboring country filed an official complaint, regarding the incident as a provocation threatening the lives of their players and demanding an appropriate investigation.

It is also obvious that UEFA will certainly respond to this complaint and apply certain sanctions, first of all, I think, in relation to our Federation. In all likelihood, the sanctions will be financial in nature, but they are unlikely to be limited to this. I have concerns that the entry of Armenian football fans into European countries will be simultaneously limited.

Let's hope that the relevant links will still manage to smooth out the possible adverse consequences of this incident, and we will be able to see our football fans at the upcoming matches at stadiums in Italy and Finland.

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