Today is Commemoration of Sts. Pandaleon the Physician, Yermoghayos the Priest and the Virgin Eupraxia

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St. Pandaleon (Pantaleon) the Physician and St. Yermoghayos (Hermolaus) the Priest are from Nikomedia. They have lived during the reign of the King Maximianos. After the death of his Christian mother Pandaleon is brought up and educated by his heathen father. He devotes himself to medical practice and deserves the king’s positive attitude. By the will of God he meets the priest Yermoghayos and thanks to the priest is converted to Christianity. Priest Yermoghayos baptizes Pandaleon and he starts to struggle against sin, poverty and diseases. In 303 AD persecutions against Christians start. Physicians envying Pandaleon slander him before the king. Pandaleon is subjected to torments, but is miraculously saved. The king becomes aware that Pandaleon has converted to Christianity thanks to the priest Yermoghayos, and orders to behead first the priest mad then – Pandaleon.

Virgin St. Eupraxia (381-411) was born in a rich and pious family in Constantinople. When Eupraxia’s father passes away, together with his mother Eupraxia moves to Egypt. In Egypt Eupraxia and her mother often visit. the convents of Tebayid. Being impressed by the atmosphere of the convents and being supported by her mother, Eupraxia makes up a decision to take the veil. Soon after that the king invites her to the capital city with the goal to marry her a young nobleman. But Eupraxia asks the king to exempt her from earthly marriage. The king agrees and sets her free to continue on her monastic life. Leading ascetic life and always praying, virgin St. Eupraxia becomes known for the God-granted virtue to work wonders. She dies at the age of thirty and is buried in the monastery, nearby her mother.

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