Exports from Armenia to the EEU countries grew by more than 20%

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The trade turnover between Armenia and the EEU countries has grown significantly since joining the structure. Exports of final consumption goods from Armenia to the EEU countries also increased; last year, exports in general grew by 20.7%. As reported by “Armenpress”, Armenian Minister of Economy Tigran Khachatryan spoke about this in the National Assembly at the parliamentary hearings on the topic “Year of the Armenian Presidency in the EEU: Challenges and opportunities”.

“The EEU has opened up great opportunities for the Armenian economy. We made some comparisons in terms of quantitative indicators of our relations with the same member countries at the end of 2014 (before membership), and we can state that the volume of commodity turnover between Armenia and other EEU member countries increased by 34.5% per year over this period. At the same time, the volume of exports from Armenia to the countries of the EEU over the same period increased 2.1 times. In 2018 alone, exports from Armenia to the EEU member countries grew by 20.7%. It is important to state that consumer goods are exported, ” -  Khachatryan added.

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