When September came...

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The immensely politicized Armenia smoothly entered the autumn but even the new school year could not calm the passions that flared up in Armenian society. The trial of the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, the issue of Amulsar, the debate on the Istanbul Convention  were added by new problems and sensations.

I will begin with a statement attributed to the Minister of Health. If he really allowed himself to be so cynical about 50 pensioners, who, in his opinion, should die anyway, then this person not only does not have the right to work as the Minister of Health, but he is also contraindicated to hold the high rank of a doctor, because he, as at least, he does not understand what the Hippocratic oath is.

I do not want to give a moral assessment to this person, my education does not allow. I can only say one thing: I consider myself one of the 50 persons he mentioned, although I was a pensioner for only one year, until I got rid of a serious illness with God's help. I escaped with the light hand of our doctors Armen Tigranovich, Liana, Lusine, Gevork Tamamyan ... They all fought selflessly for my life, defeating cancer at the most difficult stage. During the treatment, none of them could have crossed their minds that I should die anyway, they just did their job - with great love and care. Therefore, honor and praise be for them!

The next topic is painted in traditional Russophobic shades, alas, which have become traditional in the last period. Some “suddenly emboldened” Armenian politicians in recent months have been competing to “criticize” Russia and the Russian leadership. Already in September, we became eyewitnesses to one of such “exploits” - a cynical and obscene Facebook post about the president of the Russian Federation made by one of such “daredevils”. I hope he was smart enough to delete the post, although many users managed to take screenshots. In any case, this type is trying to threaten Vladimir Putin, promising to lock the door behind him if he decides to visit his colleague, who is in custody. What is it? A short joke on the part of a person who imagines himself to be a politician, or a more serious case requiring immediate medical attention?

Furthermore, for about two days, conflicting rumors have been circulating about granting political asylum to a certain Russian Vitaly Shishkin. In all likelihood, all of this is actually true, since he himself stated this, thanking the Armenian government. In addition, photocopies of certificates of political asylum are circulated on social networks. If it turns out that our country has adopted this person who has many problems with criminal law in his homeland, including accusations of incitement to anti-Armenian actions, then we can safely say that today Armenian-Russian relations, in fact, are unprecedented, of course, in a negative sense.

As you already noticed, all these three events, despite their obviousness and accessibility to the public, require certain explanations. We will wait for them both from official bodies and from “newly made Armenian heroes”.

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