Three mysterious fires in one day: accident or what?

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It is the third day, the whole world, with bated breath, has been following the news from the capital of France. It is unlikely that there will be an adequate person on the planet, especially a believer Christian who would not have been hurt by the destruction that followed the terrible fire in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris. We pray that this destruction will not become irreversible and may the Lord be merciful to the saints of the Catholic Church, which is at the same time the unique heritage of world culture.

The latest news from Paris, however, is encouraging. Already more than seven hundred million euros for donations for the reconstruction of the cathedral have been collected. Moreover, President Emmanuel Macron assured that the restoration work would be completed in 5 years, after which Notre-Dame de Paris would be even more magnificent and beautiful.

And yet, what happened? Was this horrible fire accidental? Today, many are looking for mystical notes in what happened, according to others, not otherworldly forces stand behind this tragedy, but quite specific people. There are those who consider the cause of the fire to be the negligence of the workers who repaired the cathedral - by the way, today this version is considered by the French special services as the main one. And only a few paid attention to one truly mystical coincidence: on the same day, April 15, literally at the same time, two other sanctuaries located in different parts of the planet became victims of the inexorable fire.

In the city of Lyubotin, Kharkiv region, the St. Nicholas Church of the branch of the Russian Orthodox Church completely burned down. Icons, books, church utensils were destroyed in the fire. Thank God at the time there were no visitors in the temple. According to preliminary information, the cause of the incident was arson. This, however, has become a familiar phenomenon after the church split in Ukraine.

Finally, the third fire of the day occurred in the unofficial capital of several religions — holy Jerusalem, more precisely, in the Al-Aqsa mosque, which is considered the third shrine in Islam. There were no serious damage, and the fire was quickly extinguished.

Were all these terrible events that happened on the same day a coincidence, or did a mysterious criminal conspiracy take place? Fans of conspiracy theory will lead dozens of arguments in favor of the second version. I believe that the cause of the mysterious fires should be sought much deeper - in a duel that has been going on since the emergence of human life on Earth and every day becomes more fierce. In the struggle between good and evil, between the spiritual and the worldly, between love and hate, morality and licentiousness, humility and pride. And the answer to the question "why?" lies on the surface - it can easily be found in the most widely read book on the planet called Holy Bible.

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