ADL Shirak regional office commemorated 30th anniversary of earthquake by book publishing

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The city of Gyumri was heavily damaged by the devastating earthquake of 1988. ADL Shirak regional office was in charge of addressing the 30th anniversary of the disaster, which was performed by publication of Gyumri literary critic, poet Sergey Kurazyan's "Hidden threats and challenges".

This was initiated by the Chairperson of ADL Supreme Council Vartan Nazirian, who took over the book's sponsorship and organized its presentation.

The presentation took place on December 28, 2018 at ADL Shirak regional office.

Members of the Shirak Regional Council and the Panos Terlemezyan Youth Club, supporters, writers and poets of the region, ShSU lecturers, school teachers, architects, relatives of the author came to commemorate the earthquake victims, also, to congratulate the author on book presentation.

Author: Nune Galoyan

Translation: Lusine Melkonyan

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