UN Secretary-General urged not to waste a minute in addressing climate crisis

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres believes that climate problems require an immediate solution. He stated this in his address to the participants of the tenth international meeting of high representatives responsible for security issues.

The text was read on June 18 by the Deputy Secretary General, the head of the UN Counter-Terrorism Office, Vladimir Voronkov.

“The global climate crisis threatens our very existence and equally affects both security issues and development issues,” TASS quotes an excerpt from the speech. According to Guterres, a strong political will is needed to solve the climate crisis and "there is no time to waste".

The UN Secretary-General clarified that it was for this reason that he convened a climate summit on September 23. According to him, no country in the world can cope with climate problems alone. Guterresch asked in his address the leaders of the UN countries to voice specific plans to address these issues.

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