Rosatom delivered a turbogenerator to the Armenian NPP

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ROSATOM has delivered a turbo-generator to the Armenian NPP. This is already the second turbine generator, which is supplied to the ANPP in the year as part of the project for the modernization and extension of the plant’s operational life, which is being implemented by JSC Rusatom Service, which is part of the state corporation.

According to the release, this is a new generation of equipment and will increase the efficiency of the station and increase the production of electricity. The first was delivered in 2017 and has already replaced the turbine generator that has worked its life, which has worked at the station since the late 1970s.

“After upgrading the equipment at the ANPP, which also involves the replacement of turbines, transformers, power supply systems, capacitors, restoration of cooling towers, with the same amount of fuel consumed, we will generate energy ~ 40 MW more than the current level.

The increase in efficiency will make it possible to reduce the cost per unit of electricity generated, which is extremely important for stabilizing selling prices, ” - Movses Vardanyan, Director General of the Armenian NPP, said.

The installation of the second turbogenerator will be carried out in 2019, as part of a complex of installation and commissioning works in the machine room of the station (according to the general project of modernization of power generation systems). These works started in April 2018 and will last until the end of 2019. In parallel with the work in the engine room in 2019, work will begin to improve the safety of the main station systems.

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