To unite and mix enemy's cards

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Recently, commenting on the petition of the current and former Presidents of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan and Arkady Ghukasyan to the RA Prosecutor General to allow Robert Kocharyan to take part in the events dedicated to the May holidays, I expressed hope that the time will come when all the leaders of two Armenian states will stand side by side, symbolizing the unity of the Armenian people.

Only a few days later we witnessed this unity, however, not in connection with the celebration of our glorious victories, but, alas, in the courtroom. What happened on the eve of the trial in the case of Robert Kocharyan was like a nightmare. Two presidents of the victorious Artsakh, ignoring many very delicate circumstances, arrived in Armenia in order to support the second president of our homeland and their comrade in arms.

It is difficult to comment without emotion about what is happening in recent days, but I will try to. do It’s impossible to imagine a better gift for the enemy than finding our heroes in the courtroom. Anyone who does not understand this is either an idiot or a traitor. Like the fact that, having lost Artsakh, we will lose Armenia as well. I say this especially for those traitors who continue to divide the people into Karabakh people and residents of Armenia. With our foolish actions, we only confirm what our enemy has claimed for many years.

It turns out that our “sworn friends” were right when they trumpeted at all international sites that the people who had won our glorious victories were not heroes at all, but criminals and murderers. It turns out that Aliyev Sr., a the KGB officer to the bone, was right, calling upon his fellow tribesmen to show patience: “A little patience, and the Armenians themselves will return everything they have taken away from us”.

One gets the impression that the authorities themselves are entangled under internal and especially external pressure and do not imagine their further actions. One might think that something went wrong in the calculations and the planned schemes of the strongest geopolitical forces, and now new reserve options are being worked out in a hurry and panic.

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, for those who have brewed all this mess, changing the preventive measure against Robert Kocharyan and giving him the opportunity to leave the country would be just the ideal option. However, the second President of the Republic of Armenia made it clear that he would never do this.

I will not tire of repeating that there is no idea, in the name of what it would be possible to justify the weakening of the foundations of state security and, God forbid, the loss of independence. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to unite. In the name of something, not against. We are one nation, the same blood flows in our veins.

The recent days events seem to confirm that in the most difficult times the Armenian people unite and mix up the cards of the enemy. Now is the time for this. And, perhaps, this is the last opportunity to avoid a catastrophe in which our people are trying to engage.

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